Pit Land Against Sea is an ongoing project exploring oppositions, encompassing several series of work. First, the megaphorbia-based Towers, which borrow from early naturalist artists such as Anna Atkins, Maria Merian and Charles Plumier to create outsize talismans. Abacus comprises whimsical 'field guides' of various sets of European biodiversity. The Silver Birds is a cinematic series, inspired by the video work of Michel Gondry, exploring the place of birds within industrial and agricultural hinterlands. The newer Paysages are devoted to real or imagined wetlands and rewilding, while Avifaunae represents a quest to depict familiar species in largely urban settings.

All works are graphite and silver ink - plus various additions of metal leaf, foil and coloured pencils - on Fabriano 4 paper, unless otherwise stated. For the availability and whereabouts of any work on this page, or for any questions about the project, please email us.

  • Towers
  • Abacus
  • Silver Birds
  • Paysages
  • Avifaunae
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