These earlier works were made under the pseudonym "Chris Hipkiss". The change to "Hipkiss", in early 2016, was retroactive. Should you have acquired a work before that date, or not from our listed agents since that date, its certificate of authenticity may not be valid. Please contact us for a replacement.

As part of a project to reclaim our history and our back catalogue, we are working to prevent the appearance of older work in inappropriate auction sales or at unauthorised galleries. Anyone offering or showing Hipkiss under the obsolete pseudonym is likely to be in breach of copyright and intellectual property rights. Our current galleries do not consign older work.

We'd love to hear from anyone in possession of such pieces, particularly pre-2011. If you are interested in reading about the reasons for the project, or selling or acquiring an earlier work, visit Project: Hexit for more information.

All works are graphite and silver ink - plus various additions of metal leaf, foil and coloured pencils - on Fabriano 4 paper, unless otherwise stated.

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