• Hipkiss is represented by:

    Galerie C (Paris/Neuchâtel), Le Salon Vert (Geneva) and GAA Gallery (Provincetown/Cologne). Full details can be found on the Agents page.

  • News, 19 August 2022

    There is a ten-page article dedicated to Hipkiss in the 2022 edition of "Plaisirs du Gers" magazine. Unfortunately, it's not available to purchase online, but a PDF can be found on the Press page. Though the interview is in French, the images are worth a look even if you don't speak the language!

  • In other media news, we are to be featured in a forthcoming Thames & Hudson book, "Drawing in the Present Tense", a major publication by Roger Malbert and Claire Gilman to be translated into multiple languages. It's due out in spring 2023. More news soon...

  • The group show in Carouge, Geneva - Summer Collective at Le Salon Vert (featuring Hipkiss, Patsy McArthur, Carol Prusa, Qiu Jie, Francisco Sepulveda and Heike Weber) - continues until 3 September. During August, the gallery is open by appointment only.

  • In partnership

    We work with The View Magazine, a non-profit publication by and for women in the UK justice system. Its emphasis is not just on art, whose place as therapy is undisputed, but the frequently prejudicial attitudes encountered by this small sector of the incarcerated population. The View provides a lifeline in the form of practical, informative articles and services to help women navigate the system. A £20 annual subscription to the magazine also offers informed insights for those of us lucky enough not to have such first-hand experience. Follow this link and scroll down to purchase a Hipkiss print and support the magazine.